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Finding records

France’s archives are extremely rich. The original records often include a wealth of information, missing in online genealogical databases: professions, addresses, religion, names of friends and relatives, military campaigns, health information, cause of death, level of education etc.

We help you locate these records in the French archives and extract information from them.

& translation

France's archives are generally in French but they may also be in German - or variants of one or the other language.
Handwriting has also evolved throughout the centuries, making the transcription of the original records sometimes challenging.

We help you transcribe and translate your French ancestors' records.


Whether it is researching the local history of your French ancestors' town or village, conducting genealogical research or going to collect specific documents on your behalf, we can support you.

Go beyond genealogical trees and list of names

We charge a flat fee reflecting our average effort
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We refund you automatically if we are not successful
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Who We Are

France Ancestry is a digital genealogy agency based at the heart of Europe, in Switzerland.

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