Research of military record



Research of military record


We will establish whether your ancestor was incorporated into the French army through conscription. We will then look for your ancestor’s military record and send you a comprehensive Research Sheet detailing our findings.

Information on birth

Additional information / instructions



Our service:

  • We will conduct our research in official, primary sources from the relevant “Archives Départementales” in France
  • We will email you a comprehensive Research Sheet detailing our findings in English
  • We will provide you with detailed references of the sources we have used


Our promise:

  • We will refund you 100% if our research is not successful after 10 days
  • We will keep you posted on the progress we make by email

Additional information

Research Sheet

Record summary, Additional information, Detailed sources, Recommended next steps

Typical information

Conscription status, Address of individual, Profession, Length of service, Grade obtained, Unit ("Régiment")

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